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HSEQ is not the "be all and end all", it is a supporting function there to help - not hinder. We believe it is important to support our clients in the long term, in order to bring together the right people at the right time for progress to be achieved.  Our approach and expertise lead to visible improvement in the use and effectiveness of business processes and systems but more importantly in workforce engagement and productivity. 


Organisations need to be able to monitor and measure not only compliance but the efficiency and effectiveness of overall performance.  Internal and supply chain auditing are both vital components of an effective audit programme that provide you with demonstrable evidence of risk management and allow you to identify opportunities for continual improvement.  When you’re ahead of the game, it shows.


Every employer has a legal obligation to ensure they have competent health and safety assistance.  With Quensh as your HSEQ specialists, we can offer much more than just compliance.  We help our clients to prioritise their business and organisational risks and be practical in their approach to risk management.   In a society where safety culture now has legal standing and we face an increase in the compensation culture, we understand that clients need guidance and support they can trust.  


Training your people and enhancing their skills can contribute to your organisational competence, as well as improving motivation and raising awareness of risk.  We help our clients to do this because we recognise the increasing desire to have training that is competence based and demonstrates knowledge and practical application.  We assist clients in determining tailored training requirements that are flexible to operational demands and are cost/time efficient.

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